Tuesday, 8 May 2018

What are the ideal hostel management features in a ERP software ?

Hostel Management Salient features -
• Manage the hostel settings as laundry charge method, laundry charge system and set default amount for per wash and per cloths
• Maintain the master data which covers Hostel facility, Hostels & Room Category and Rooms & Beds
• Manage all the allotments like Allot Students, Allot Warden and Allotment of Laundryman
• Maintain and manage the transactions like allotment/transaction of bed or room status
• List hostel details in the school
• Room category details in hostels
• Rooms details in hostels
• Bed details in hostels
• Current status details in hostels
• Bed transactions details in hostels
• Warden details in hostels ABOUT STUDENTS
• Detailed students list in a hostel
• List student’s bed transaction
• List student’s laundry transaction

• List student’s leave transaction
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