Thursday, 31 May 2018

How can embroidery be made ?

There are the following steps for the development of embroidery -
  • cutting the fabric in to  desired garment shape
  • designs of flowers and animals
  • basic stretching is done on the placement of design
  • colours are used to design the print
  • satin stitching is done on the ultimate print
  • defects are found and the washing is done
  • garment is sent to the dealer for dispatching
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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

What are the ideal process of making carpets ?

There are the following steps involved in making carpets -
- sourcing and transporting new material
- dyeing on raw material
- making designs on the knots of threads
- careful brushing on the thread
- polishing on the final piece for finishing touch
- washing of the polished carpet
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What are the famous toy products in India ?

India is the second most populated country in this world after China. It can be considered with the mixture of the rich technology and human resources which are enough capable to develop the toy and handicraft industry. Wth this there is no any lacuna of raw material because all kind of material like - wood, clay, leather is available in enough amount in the country.
The toy industry in India is not limited to the dolls, animals, birds, carts but they also are available in the shape of the gods and goddesses. Thus indian toys shows the spiritual and religious value of the people inhabited in country. Toys are still popular in Indian society because they also help in making learning easy and educating to children.
The Indian toy industry is always being cotton oriented and it is quite labour intensive. There is an unique quantity of wooden, cotton and board games in India. Delhi and Mumbai are the two ethnic production hubs for the toys industry.
The TAI ( toy association of India ) association is held liable for controlling of the toy industry in India. It deals in organizing the toy fairs and exhibitions at the affordable prices and communicate the industry problems with the central government.
Indian toy industry is facing the fierce competition from the chinese toy companies. The only reason is the price factor that Chinese products are far cheaper than the Indian toy industry. In the world export market  the India’s contribution is considered negligible. There is the need to manage a national level programme to increase the toy promotion in the whole country.
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Why is the handicraft sector important for indian youth ?

The handicraft sector has a different sector in all the countries. In the world, tourism industry also affects the international handicraft market. Generally the overall monthly income of a handicraft worker is generally considered as  the worth of between 150 to 500 dollars. In Columbia there are more than 10 lakh people directly affected from the handicraft and tourism industry.

The popularity of the handicraft industry is because of this traditional work has no requirement of big investment and infrastructure needs. This sector is completely dependent on the skillset of the artisans and raw materials. Many peasants families and pastorians are dependent on the handicraft partially on their living standards.
Handicraft production is totally dependent on the growth of the tourism industry and it also totally affects the demand and supply chain. Smaller enterprises are totally affected by the price and demand value of the handicrafts. There is no political mind in developing the handicraft industry.

Economic growth is also very necessary for our country because only this is the thing which can work against the poverty and make a balance in the economic cycle. Handicraft play a major role in it. It can create the large quantity of employment to the millions of people because most of people still lives in a middle class environment. The handicraft sector development can create the gates of employment for many unemployed youth.
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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

What is the SWOT analysis of the Indian toy industry ?

SWOT analysis of Indian toy industry -
Strength -
  1. increasing customer demand and rise of per capita income
  2. Availability of raw material
  3. Lower cost of labours
  4. High skill of labours
  5. Wide range of products
  6. Less overhead cost
  7. proper foreign market increasing opportunities
Weaknesses -
  1. lack of proper research and development facilities
  2. tiny toy industry size and low production
  3. No technical knowledge
  4. highly quality specific designers are not available
  5. absent proper training and development institutions
  6. quality parameters are not followed
opportunities -
  1. well developed market conditions at domestic or international level
  2. increasing support of government
  3. easy buy and make decisions.
  4. deals with multinational companies due to lower cost
  5. growing capacity of buying in customers
  6. toys are a better way of education
Threats -
  1. threats of competitors like China
  2. slow response and delay to international level quality parameters
  3. no edge over competitive electronic toys
  4. decreasing scope of toys because of internet and software games
  5. Low level of operational functionality
  6. increasing share of china in international market

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Monday, 28 May 2018

How is the bamboo tree important in handicraft industry ?

Bamboo trees are one of the most fastest growing plants in the world. It has the largest economical and cultural value in India and south asia. Bamboo products are very eco-friendly in nature and it can save from the hard pollution. India has the more than 10 million hectare area on which the bamboo resources are situated.  
The bamboo tree is one of the most prolific entity in the world of handicrafts. There are more than 25000 bamboo based handicraft units in which more than 20 million people are connected as the employed person. It also provides more then 6 lakh jobs every year to the people. in 2015-16 fiscal year, the net worth of bamboo based handicrafts was 25000 crore INR.
In India, the bamboo handicraft industry is considered as the informal and decentralized industry especially in southern India. In southern India, the baskets, mats, carpets, vases and furniture items are very famous. The popularity of the bamboo industry is indicating to the fact that the India has more than 25% market share in the overseas market.
Bamboo grass is used to make the curtains which are used in the interior decoration. These are the very famous products which are both handmade or can be machinery made too. Traditional tools and different machinery are used to loom these curtains and the final output varies in both the methods.
In all the southern Indian states like - Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, there are many registered and non-registered companies under many government and state government institutions. They are working for the development of the handicraft industry in southern India.   

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How toy industry in Japan is so important ?

The toy industry is the result of post war situations which was initialized on the base of increasing the foreign currencies so that people can buy the food, shelter and clothes alike basic needs. Today Japanese toy industry is considered to be shrinking, because the number of children are also declining in Japan.
Still there are no major hit brands in the category of toys. Today the increasing use of mobile and smartphone games are also the reason for shrinking the market of toy and gaming industry. Today generally many outside country brands have been successful in gaining a significant market here in Japan market like - Mattel international, Lego Denmark etc.
There was a long era of time when the toy market was in Japan in the downward zone. After  the 2001 when the beyblade series toys were initiated the market got a boom of some time but again it could not stop the shrinking margin of the toy market of Japan. Again in 2004 the dragon quest games changed the scenario of the game and toy market.
The radio and remote controllable gaming devices are in the trending series. It is accountable for more than 10% of the market. Toy guns, radio devices, plastic models are in this category. These devices are in the choices of youth and children in their 20s or 30s.
Today in Japan, the software and PC games are still in trending. These are imported from USA, UK, Germany, Korea and China. Their export ratio is very high. There is also the fashion of the educational games trending and their export rate is very high.

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Sunday, 27 May 2018

what are the ideal modules of LITEROM ?

Modules of LITEROM -
1. Administrator Module
2. Users Rights Management
3. Students/Teachers/officers/Other staff profile management
4. Time Table Management
5. Students/ Teachers/ Officers / Other staff I Cards Management
6. Examination (Academic Record) Management
7. Alumni Management
8. School’s Global Settings for each module
9. Admission Management
10. Attendance Management
11. Fees Management
12. Vehicle (School Bus) Management
13. Library Management
14. Stock (Inventory Management
15. Asset Management
16. Purchase Management
17. Health Management
18. Hostel Management
19. Gate Security Management
20. Transport Management
21. Front Office Management
22. HR / Payroll Management
23. Accounts Management
24. SMS Management (Attendance updates to parents, Fees Updates, Academic Updates)

25. Data Synchronization (Online/Offline)
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Saturday, 26 May 2018

what is the new role of toy industry in India

Indian toy industry is considered to be worth of 8000 crore INR. This toy industry has seen a tremendous downflow of the time because Chinese toy products is a reason for the suffering of the Indian toys in international market. The indian toy industry was about to be said on closure and this can become a question on the living standards of more than 4000 manufacturers and more than 2 million employees.

The toy industry of India is considered as the part of the those handicrafts which is considered as unorganized sector. The main toy manufacturing segments are located in Delhi, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Patna etc. There are many enterprises in India which are working in the small and cottage level industries.

The change is the only constant in nature so our Indian toy industry has also seen the tremendous changes in the design, innovative designs and patterns. It is also the reason of growth of Indian toy industry in the domestic and international market.

The biggest problem of the Indian customer is that they are very price sensitive so that the many toy enterprizes are involved in producing the toy designs which are cheap in cost and can be compromisable in quality. Today is the era of internet retailing which is growing at the rate of 25% in toy industry.  
There is also a change in parents attitude in buying of toys because of their young children. The parents are today involved in purchasing the toys which can increase the creativity and personality development aspects of their children.

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Friday, 25 May 2018

What is the importance of the ERP software in manufacturing industries ?

Today it is necessary for every business to stay in touch with the customer requirements to fulfill it so that they can comply with these today’s competitive era. In this competition era, especially manufacturing businesses have the need to process much quantity of data in their decision and transaction processing which can support their decision making more smoothly. ERP has the wonderful role in it.
The origin of ERP software is considered to be near 60’s decade and it started becoming popular near the decade of 80’s. Firstly the SAP was started to be used and firstly the fortune 500 companies started to use it then the Korean MNCs started to use it. Then today the SCM and CRM are the new issues in the ERP segment.  

ERP implementation have the many issues consisting in it from licensing fee to the post implementation process. These processes are the set of paperwork which is needed to be performed with very care. A proper ERP implementation causes for a company to successfully drive for profit like - Godrej and as well the improper implementation of the ERP software leads a company towards the bankruptcy like - hershey chemicals and dell computers.  
ERP software is helpful to improve the user convenience. It is a web based platform which is helpful in increasing the competency level of the organizations and these ERP solutions are available in customised way so that the organization can lead towards the next shift.
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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Why bhutanese handicrafts are so famous in handicrafts ?

Weaving handicrafts is a very significant cottage industry in central and western Bhutan. The handicraft business is divided in to the 3 informal parts like - production, sales and employment. Since 1980, there is a regular effort of colour and design improvement in weaving handicrafts are being done by the Central Government.
Since after 1980, the central government is doing the regular effort to make privatisation of the handicraft industry of Bhutan. Many handicraft centres of the bhutan has been associated with the women associations. The culture department of Bhutan is also organising the efforts to encourage the competition between the craftsmen to innovate new designs.
The complete handicraft scenario of the Bhutan is totally dependent on the following products like - baskets, jewelry, cups and bowls, clay material. The introduction of credit cards have been introduced in the Bhutan and the increasing of the tourism industry is also helpful in making the selling of the handicraft products. The consumption rate is also high on the domestic level.

Problems in handicraft sector of Bhutan -
  • high labour cost
  • uncompetitive quality of export
  • production, sales and furniture export data is insufficient and unreliable
  • people are still unaware of the concept of the copyright laws
  • efforts are still to be done to save the creativity of the artists
Bhutan Government is working a concerted effort to increase the role of creative industries like handicrafts. There is also the effort done in 2007-09 on to the promotion of the culture based creative industry to improve the socio-economic development and remove the poverty level of the country.

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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Why sri lankan handicrafts are so famous in europe ?

The relation of India and Sri lanka have been friendly so nice with each other from the centuries and they both only have the one or two time war type situation. The story of Ram - Ravana epic war is the world famous war between the India and Sri Lanka. Both the countries have the renowned names in the South Asia and they are the separated by the Pak Straight.
Sri Lanka is the place of talented craftsmen and is the good mixture of the modern and traditional designs.  Like India and China, Sri Lanka have the much potential for the giftware, home decor, furniture and toys, wellness spa products.
The craftsmen of Sri Lanka are also aware of the latest trends of the handicraft market and they are as well aware to make the contemporary designs as per the international requirements. There is a very good requirement of the Sri Lanka's handicrafts in all over the USA, UK and Japan and other european and asian countries.

Government initiatives for handicraft development -
  • providing important packaging facilities
  • providing consultancy services
  • proper knowledge management to the export of handicrafts
  • make 1000 handicraft villages for the economic development of country
  • to provide insurance & pension facilities for the artists
  • to provide the proper training and development programmes by opening the proper handicraft training centres.    

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what are the inventory and planning modules in ERP for handicrafts ?

There are following aspects should be involved in the ERP management -

inventory and warehousing -
  • stock keeping
  • item counting
  • logistics management
  • location management

planning -
  • supply
  • capacity
  • finite planning
  • demand planning

production -
  • order
  • bill of material
  • shop control
  • lean manufacturing
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