Tuesday, 16 October 2018

How was the erp software implemented into the pipeco company ?

Pipeco company is a 2008 established australian company which involves in dealing in water pipes, valves and services. It is employing more than 2000 people in Australia and New Zealand. The company had first US parent company with five decisions. The company had an annual turn over of 400 million AUD and had employed 400 people.
What were the reasons behind implementing ERP software -
  • company administration wanted to end the legacy systems
  • lack of capability to support current operations
  • to support business growth
  • lack of communication between the other customer groups
  • establishing on greater financial transparency and taxation audit
How did the company implement the ERP software -
Pipeco company decided to implement the erp software in 2004. In the first phase, the ERP software cost was measured 10 million AUD and licensing policies were determined. Company opted for the implementation of the in-house team and there were regular meetings. There were some internal team members, developers and external consultants. SAP software was selected to implement.
In starting of the project, ERP software was very criticised in the company. Even in the company, some employees did not take part in testing and trails. A single consultant of SAP was included with the project team to decide the overall workflow design. So the project committee had to give the change management and project management training. Ultimately, the project was implemented into 24 hours.  

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Monday, 15 October 2018

What are the avoidable mistakes in implementing ERP software ?

Implementing a complete new and authentic ERP software can be time consuming, costly and complex at the same instance. If this erp software fails, all the money, time and resources go to waste. So organizations have to take time to implement the ERP software. Here we are going to discuss some factors which can be considerable for you while implementing an ERP software -
  • Companies should plan some backup plan for the further implementation of the erp software because the problems solution implementations can increase your project cost. There are many things which can be useful for you to take care of - work mechanism and user interface of erp software, customisation, adjustments and integrations easily.

  • It is really important for any organization that for which purpose the erp software is going to be implemented. The proper sitemap of the project is the first step of success in implementing erp software. Purpose can be anything - for cutting cost and  increasing profit, consumer compliance and data handling etc.

  • There are many things for which you can prepare in the initials which can be benefittable for you later. How much your project management team will be ready and trained to take risks, your cost and schedules will be processed for better improvement.  

  • The major problem is always related to the implementation of the erp software is related to the licensing contracts. Other one factor is related to the length of erp project timing of implementation. These two things should better be communicated with the administration and team.

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Why organizations should have the presence of ERP software ?

Why companies undertake ERP software ? -
ERP is the burning necessity of the today’s era. To conquer this competitive scenario of the technological era, companies have the need to adopt the ERP software. There are different needs of the companies behind using the erp software but the most common needs can be discussed here -
  • Every department has a mix of data. Finance have some, sales have something different and different business branches can also have the different data. When the complete ERP software is being used by the whole organization, then there should be no possibility of different data sets. It improves the decision making.

  • By having one saturated erp software, a company can be able to coordinate the manufacturing, inventory and shipping department activities together. So that they can together communicate with each other properly.

  • By identifying the opportunities for the mergers and acquisitions, companies have the need to adopt the integrated erp software. By using the proper erp software, companies can automate some of the manufacturing process. It can reduce the cost and time and increase the productivity.

  • ERP can make the productivity level of employees in the manufacturing level more smooth. ERP can reduce the work in progress inventory and it can also reduce the proper entry load of the inventory and stock handling. Really, to improve the supply chain management, ERP software can also help in it.    

  • This is a problem in the multiunit organizations that employee time cannot be measured and benefits and services from the company can’t be communicated easily. This problem can easily be fixed with the ERP software properly.  

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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Why was the erp software implemented into the empire couriers ?

Empire Couriers is a Tasmanian oriented firm which was started in 2010 and today till coming to 2018, this company has converted into the enterprise for offering end product distribution to a large quantity. This company deals in freight delivery. This company has 3 branch offices in Tasmania.
Today this company is striving to gain the customer services and on-time delivery. The company is well expert in getting the knowledge of the Tasmania weather routes, locations & driving conditions. It also often helps in providing the customer driven services in time.
Why was ERP software implemented into Empire Couriers ?
The initial problem EC was facing that the existing systems were facing the problem of limited data and it also needed the data management by automation oriented systems instead of manual interruption. In addition to that, the branch locations were at different locations, so to access the integrated data was really very necessary.
In addition to that, some tracking systems were also necessary to be tracked by the company like - tracking of parcels, tracking of driver and shipment etc. The EC company was not able to implement the sole systems for each of these tasks.
Firstly Odoo implemented the erp software which could firstly handle the financial system and ticketing system. There was also the facility in ERP to handle the CMS & website portal as well. This custom solution was made to handle the tracking of drivers.  
Benefits -    
  • real time tracking of drivers
  • real time information system for packaging
  • integration of multiple distributed systems to central database
  • financial management and invoice creation with the freight management system
  • automated invoicing system

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Friday, 12 October 2018

What should be the usage norms for using the erp software ?

ERP systems are capable to handle data, any type of data like - material, capital assets and financial transactions. Those system can handle the data input in bulk and processes the information. ERP systems have shown the tremendous performance in the following segments like - general insurance, assembly, retail and education etc. Today to centralise the data in cloud is a sensitive issue.
The use of cloud ERP systems have given more control over the financial resources to the organizations. The growth of the businesses is possible today due to increasing popularity of the cloud erp software. These cloud erp software have also contributed to the infrastructure development and maintenance in an organization.
The ERP software has always contributed the organization to bring all the distributed information system to the centralized information system and can also establish the correlation between the parameters. The proper implementation of an ERP software depends upon the decision making done in the early phases of the implementation phase.
Today the implementation of ERP software in an organization is being considered necessary by the top level administration. The craze of the ERP software development has been increasing from 60s to till today because of the increasing IT innovations in the whole world. The ERP software should be feasible enough to handle the multiple processes within the minimal effort and coding.
Sometimes ERP systems are controlled to work as per according to the organization norms, conditions and terms and its working can be changed as per according to the situations. The implementation time for the ERP software changes as per according to the organization and industry.     
Sometimes there is an extreme condition occurred in an organization that they operate an ERP software both the legacy systems and ERP software together. It can create the data anomalies within the departmental coordination. To operate the legacy systems becomes an extra cost perspective for the top level administration.
To take on the benefits of the ERP software takes a time. This time can be long or short in terms of duration. For more assistance, an organization must take the advice from the vendor time to time for future updates. It is crucial for getting updates from the vendor for achieving the positive results.

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Why was ERP software implemented in to the pazstone company ?

Pazstone is a supplier, manufacturer, distributor and retailer of stone products at the most competitive products as full service solutions made of marble, granite, limestone and engineering stone. It was established in 2005 and it was separated from its own commercial stone industry.
Why was the erp implemented in the Pazstone company -
Before implementing the erp software, Pazstone was dependant on the excel spreadsheets and shared folders concept to share their project data and much of the clerical staff was needed to perform this task individually. Still there was the possibility of most common but expensive errors.
It was difficult for the Pazstone company for the measuring of the data of sales analysis and whole of the manufacturing system was being handled manually. There was calendaring system used pertaining third party to handle the on-site installations. In addition, there was no any mobile API integrated with the installers.
How odoo ERP software was installed in the Pazstone company -
There was separate mobile API solution provided to the on-site staff. Besides this, custom order entry system was implemented for the order invoicing properly. To manage the stock level repositories, receipts and deliveries, at each level the dynamic workflow control system framework was implemented. Separate invoices were being started to generate the contractor’s payment.
Benefits -
  • up to date sales reports on time
  • decrease in the staff for order entries
  • exceptional growth since the erp implementation
  • excellent automated generated order invoices
  • better control and planning in manufacturing process

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Thursday, 11 October 2018

What is the key concept of the usability testing ?

One of the erp software factor that has not been taken into consideration deeply that is usability testing. Although the usability and applications of the software are not caused for the whole system’s failure because they are very small literal errors but they can affect the individual’s or a workgroup productivity.
The usability problems makes harder to accept the whole erp process in the organization. The long term goal of the organization should be to develop a set of unique principles which can increase the utility of the erp software in the organization. It is necessary to understand the user framework and requirements to make ERP system interface and communication process more easier and user interactive.
It is found that to find a specific functionality - fault in a peculiar ERP software requires a very huge amount of time and energy by the  quality inspectors. This problem can take a huge formation when multiple transactions are occurred on a routine basis. In this case, many navigation and transactional errors may be happened.
In the context of the large enterprises and organizations, where multiple thousands of transactions are happened in a day to day operations, the users are not found able to memorize the correct sequence of the business process. It shows that the whole ERP system was not developed as per according to the proper user navigation and the user was left burdened with the set of numerous operations to complete the transaction.
One of the usability problems are occured, when in an ERP software a user has to perform a repetitive set of tasks like - to enter the data in multiple of forms. This repetitive set of task makes the whole system more complicated and data anomalies are started to occured. It is found that the erp software are not capable to perform the repetitive activities at their own like the normal PC and browsers.
This lacked behaviour in an ERP software shows that a capability should be there in an system to perform the repetitive tasks either by copying and pasting the data without the user support. Another set of problems are occured when the set of pre and post erp vocabularies are totally different to each other.
Every organization has its own set of vocabulary, so it can increase the problem of terminology. This is a universal problem and it also can’t be removed overnight. Each and every organization will have to make efforts to remove this problem.   

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