Saturday, 3 November 2018

How can you get the recommendations for the erp software insights ?

Successful implementation of the erp software indicates about the quality of an organization towards acceptance and use of ERP effectively in the overall premises. There are certain the key areas which are always needed the resource investment from the organization, which can create the change management and effective work-culture in the organization.
It is true that the erp benefits are exemplary to an organization and they have a tremendous effect an organization work processes. But it is necessarily measurable to find the relationship between the organization governance and innovative culture by the business philosophers.
There are three main entities which generally impacts the successful ERP implementation and are actively involved in this subject matter like - end users and their feedback, ERP consultants and senior management. Their symbiotic relationship, interim relationships, communication becomes the in-depth insights of the ERP implementation.
In a case study of successful implementation of erp software in any company of this world, there are two type of internal and external stakeholders are found which are generally involved in the change management. Often senior managers have less knowledge of the facts in ERP more than mid level managers.
Big data and automation have all the newer scope in the future organizations. The adoption of new technologies will lead to the new drivers of success and reveal to the organizational new ways of the automation.   

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Thursday, 1 November 2018

How does the erp software effect the change management in an organization ?

In the early phases of erp implementation in any company, end user attitude towards the ERP project plays a very important role. Change management has a very significant role in improving the status of employee mindsets towards the ERP implementation. End user resistance can severely impact the growth of erp software.
There are many post implementation strategies like - routing, strategic decision making which are important for the continuity of the ERP software successfully in the organization. The successful implementation of the ERP software increases the internal competencies of the organization like -
  • strong internal working expertise and automation
  • enhancing the scope of functional ways
  • development software applications by the third party freelancers
  • streamlining business functionalities by reengineering
  • extending the ERP modules in software
It is necessary to mandate, control & operate the ERP software from the implementation phase completion. It is necessary to take the user feedback to know that the erp software is working with the proper expectations or not. It ensures the success of past, present and future investments of the company.
In every implementation of the erp software successfully in an organization, there are major changes occurred in the business internal as well external environment. To run an erp software effectively, there are always the significance of the change management as well. Training and development activities are always helpful in innovating the change management in an organization.

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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Why was the erp software had the change management in dairyco ?

Dairyco is a dairy product based company which deals in overseas market also. The dairy products were cheese, baby milk, spreads, creams and pasteurized milk. The ERP systems were involved in the day to day business activities in 2001 by senior management. The large effects were there on the working of dairyco.
The company had their own change managers employed at the time of implementation of erp software. These change managers identified the risky areas, initialized improved business processes and all new affected areas were also redesigned. All these managers had the mix of skill set and experience of reengineer the existing business processes.
At the training time, the inhouse IT department of Dairyco company conducted training session for the employees. First of all, the super users of the software were trained for the software because they would be eligible to train their colleagues and junior staff. It was also known as the “train the trainer” approach.
The senior management wanted to ensure this thing that the users and stakeholders of the software must be ready for the use of software. The inhouse IT team was ready to support the SAP performance improvement at every stage and resolving all the issues.
Benefits of dairyco SAP implementation -
  • establishing common goals and vision among all the employees
  • create learning environment in the organizations
  • standardization of products and services
  • streamlining of business processes with the goals of organization
  • reduction in cost and decreasing order rate

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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

What is the scope of the erp in dairyco company ?

Dairyco is a major dairy producer in Victoria, Australia, which is also dealing in exporting dairy based products. It had also acquired the number of factories, and about 3000 farmers contributed in the company as stakeholders. The company annual turnover is 3 billion AUD.
Why was ERP software was implemented into the dairyco ?
There were many reasons which were responsible for the erp implementation of ERP software, related to the presence of 120 legacy systems. There were also the integration problems in the business units of finance, distribution and manufacturing operations. So in 2001, the senior management decided to restructure the IT system of the company.
first of all, the proposal was passed by the senior management and the version SAP ECC 4.6 was chosen for the implementation. In the project management team, SAP developers and managers were appointed and some internal consultants were also included from the dairyco team.
How was ERP software implemented in the into the dairyco ?
In first phase of implementation, SAP software was selected for the two departments - finance and material management. Later on the sales, production, warehouse and HR were also included in the implementation of the project.
The training session was initialized by the MD of the team who controlled CFO and other team members for the implementation  and feedback properly. The overall cost of production was measured as 12 million AUD.

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ConfecCo’s SAP manager suggested that benchmarking and monitoring the system performance was more important than change management, training and support.  
In the case of ConfecCo’s ERP implementation, the benefits were achieved by streamlining business processes and removing redundancies. The SAP platform was seen as a tool and provided a mechanism for achieving the results.
The use of the ERP implementation business case and from comparing those outcomes that had been delivered by the SAP platform, provided the management with a basis of what returns had been achieved. ConfecCo’s implementation team would use industrial benchmarks to monitor and evaluate the performance improvements delivered by its SAP platform.
The use of benchmarks was necessary to track areas that still required attention for optimisation and fixing. “It’s (ERP system) a mechanism to achieve greater visibility, quicker information, better management of your resources … or whatever.
But setting your benchmarks within the system is probably one of the key things (and provides) visibility of what’s going on in any particular business process or business system, you can then from a management perspective, track and manage against that to deliver the benefits” (SAP Project Manager)

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Monday, 29 October 2018

How was the change management implemented into the confecco company ?

An implementation of an ERP software has a wide time range effects on the organization and business processes and activities. By understanding this approach, the confecco company implemented the SAP software in a phased approach.
Firstly in the confecco company erp software, sales and distribution modules were launched and the user feedback was taken from the selected end users & customers. Most end users were kept remaining on the legacy systems. The phased approach increased the project completion time but it reduced the cost and failure possibilities of system.
In 1995, there was a mindset in the senior management that the SAP software was yet to give its return on investment. Many version upgrades were performed until the completion of 3 years. With the version upgradation, many new modules were added like - HR, CRM, business intelligence etc.
The implementation team had realized that the erp software will be resisted by the staff and only to provide training and support would not be sufficient for successful SAP adoption in the company.
Benefits -
  • increasing the external linkage to the other organization
  • employees ready for IT flexibility and change management
  • improvement the product quality and services
  • reduction in lost orders and cost
  • increase in the ease and modular flexibility

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Saturday, 27 October 2018

What is the need of new erp software in the confecco erp company ?

ConfecCo is an australian company which is a FMCG sector dealing company in Australia. It was established in 1922 and in initials it was working as under its UK headquarters. Its headquarter is in Tasmania (Australia).
Why and how ERP was needed / implemented in ConfecCo ?
The first erp software was needed in the company when there was the need of automation and quality in the integration between confectionary and beverage divisions. The main focus area were finance, sales/ marketing, manufacturing operations & processes.
The choiced software was SAP and and it took almost 2 years to go complete. The total project cost was the 5 million dollars. The total cost was figured after 15 years of implementation SAP in the company in 2008.
Before implementing the erp software of SAP, the complete business policies were reengineered. In the project development team, the senior management was also included. The end users were also involved to review the feedback.
The CFO was found the most active entity in the implementation of the SAP erp software. It also impacted the internal and external stakeholders and many few suppliers and vendors were consulted for the erp business operations.

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Friday, 26 October 2018

What is the erp software implementation scenario of the change management ?

Packco incorporation adopted the erp implementation in a very feasible, soft and proactive approach. The senior management did not want to interrupt the routine tasks and operations. For this reason, a change management team was implemented in which both inhouse and external development team.
The deployment and configuration of the SAP software was the biggest and tough decision for the company. The regular interaction was necessary to happen between the end user and the software interface. For this the change management was very necessary.
Firstly all the inputs were decided by the implementation team members and many meetings were being held by the senior management especially in finance related decisions. The middle managers were also involved in the conversation with the implementation team to map the regular workflow designs and processes.
The training and post implementation team was adjoint with the PWC consultants. PWC consultants had firm believe in transferring the functional knowledge to the software members. It helped in enhancing the knowledge of the existing members.

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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Why was the erp software represented into the packgo company ?

Packgo is the part of the seven divisions which deals in packaging and recycling processes. It was started in 1948 and today it is one of the most world’s largest packaging dealer company. It has the total annual turnover of 10 billion AUD. It employs more than 9000 employees and it is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.
Why ERP was implemented in the packgo company ?
In 1998, Packgo company decided to implement the integration between the finance and reporting data across all the sub departments within the single system. Because of using the different legacy systems, it was not possible to correctly integrate all the data and proper reporting data was also not proper.
How ERP software was implemented in the packgo company ?
When ERP was to be implemented in the packgo erp software, its implementation was distributed under the two external vendors - one was SAP and technical implementation vendor was PWC. The SAP R/3 software was selected as the appropriate software.
PackCo’s ERP project commenced in 1998 after a series of vendor evaluation studies. The senior management decided that the project would involve two external vendors. PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) was selected to be the technical implementation vendor and SAP was to be the software vendor. The SAP-based ERP platform to be purchased was SAP R/3.    
There were two modules were selected,  which were finance modules and material management. Later on they decided to implement the further modules related to sales, distribution, CRM and project management.     

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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

WHat is the post implementation issue in managing the erp software ?

In a company alike EntertainCo, ERP software is an ongoing phenomenon. The ERP development team of entertainco was always involved in developing new modules and functionalities in the ERP software for the further development. After that the total 95 modules were added to the software and as the added functionality, S&D module was attached to the software with the module advancement.
It was overall necessary for the end users to make familiarise themselves with the overall functionality of the software and it tool overall 6 months to complete this task by the employees. The finance module to the SAP software was the standalone action by the implementation team which could contribute to the overall finance related operations.
The most important module was related to the IPM software that was made as per according to to support the sales and distribution systems. Later on the BPC modules were also added to the business planning and development.
Conclusion -
The overall SAP software was made to the company to replace its existing legacy systems and the overall GST reporting were also included in the overall modules. There were also the benefits to add the reporting and automation problems. After the CRM module development, the speed of the business regular growth development was increased.    
Unlike other traditional ERP stories, entertainco erp software was not just only about implementing erp software, but it is the evolving story of the erp implementation in a variable business environment. It was further necessary to improve the refne the system performance.   
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Monday, 22 October 2018

What was there ason for change implementation in the entertainco company ?

When a completely new ERP software is about to be launched in the organization, it is always necessary to perform the change management as well. In the entertainco company the need of change was felt needed and the change was needed permanently as per according to the management needs and business operations.
In that erp software, first it was necessary to develop software requirements as per according to the relevant stakeholders. It was also needed to develop the whole solution as per according to the system needs so that there should be no gap between the desired and gained output. At last, user acceptance testing was already necessary for end user to provide its involvement.
For the change management and user training, EntertainCo limited company prepared the inhouse development team, in which total 13 members were included from the development team of the team in which 5 of them were also included for the ERP system support.  
The company also implemented the user training workshops for onsite purposes. SAP manager was allocated to the entertainco company felt that the end user support was necessary to showcase the inner capabilities of the inner system. It created feedbacks for the SAp system to refine it.   

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Saturday, 20 October 2018

WHy was the rep software implemented into entertainco company ?

EntertainCo is an Australia based company whose parent company is Elimited. It was found in 1954 which was the largest media company in Australia. Elimited deals in operating cinema theaters, film and music distribution, film license distribution etc. Elimited company employed more than 5000 employees and had 5 business branches in whole of Australia.
Elimited company had its own erp as FMS ( finance management system ) which was not able to provide the whole financial data storage capacities for all the business branches of Australia. SO then they decided to implement the erp software given by SAP.
Why did the EntertainCo implement the SAP erp software ?  
In 2001, company decided to automate the financial operations. They decided to implement the erp software in other following directions like - material, sales, warehouse, HR and CRM as well. In addition to that they also created the new module IPM which was related to intellectual properties of organization.
The IPM module worked very greatly for the company like - it helped in contracts of film distributions and it also recorded the royalty payments to the films.This module was created to solve the redundancy problem of the existing legacy systems in Elimited.
Benefits -
  • Establishing common goals among staff members
  • improved quality of work life
  • standard user interface
  • improved shared services among the business units
  • better reporting and auditing

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Friday, 19 October 2018

WHat were the erp changes in Govdep after the post implementation ?

The Govdep SAP ERP implementation can not be considered as a case of the successful ERP implementation, because it was being inspired from the NPWS case 1999. All the major upgrades in the post implementation phase were also inspired from the similar government agency. The last updation was performed in 2007 as SAP 7.0 in which additional modules were attached for credit management and warehousing.
The SAP manager always commented for the new IT policies implementation in Govdep, so that the ERP software and post upgrades can be implemented in a systematic and methodological manner. New frameworks were organized so that the new requirements could be fit into the new ERP software and unnecessary customisation can be prevented to reduce implementation costs.
After 2007. there was no major upgrades in the SAP software. Some functionality changes were performed due to changing requirements and for managing the internal and external environment necessities. Later on the company started to realize that there is no real benefits of implementing new upgrades in the software.
There were many changes occurred when the SAP implementation started to think that how business processes and operations could be performed together to get more value. There were many issues when the complete method of using the ERP software was heavily optimised and customised.
There were some issues where the increasing number of employees was the main reason of the change in the erp system working. Their travel and transportation was manageable for more than the 600 users. Later on after some customisations, it was manageable for the user capacity of more than 2000 users.    

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Thursday, 18 October 2018

How was change management implied in erp handling in Govdep ?

When the Govdep implemented the erp software in its premises, it was not easy to continue it with a single version because the government policies are regularly changed. The restructuring of public agencies are regularly necessary and the business processes and data are necessary to be streamlined together. So Govdep had to upgrade the whole system on a continuous basis.
Govdep had already acquired some newcomer agencies in which new burdensome business processes were implemented which were described as per according to the new erp software of SAP because the consolidation of data was very necessary. So there was little flexibility and much burden in the workflow.
At some areas, Govdep had to restructure the complete work environment. Just like the - At Finance department, regular and new standard workflows were decided and implemented. To the end user, it was made mandatory to provide training sessions for performing the business operations effectively.
There were two type of training sessions were organized - online and face to face. The online trainings were usually for those users who were interested in taking training in their own time and in face to face training phase, the trainers themselves provided the training to the relevant staff. Training sessions were organized in the routine sessions so workers can not feel the extra workload.
The financial management team was also made capable the software training to the other staff members and the erp implementation team was responsible for maintaining the changes required in the system.   

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

What is the use of the erp software in a public agency like Govdep ?

Govdep is a public agency in Australia, established in 2009, made from the merger of two Australian state government agencies. It manages all kind of natural resources like - environment changes, water, botany gardens and natural parks.
Why the erp software was implemented by Govdep -
The main implementation reason of the SAP erp software in the Govdep was the initiative taken by the Australian government. This decision was taken to enhance overall transparency in financial data. The overall motive was to standardise the reporting and auditing tools as well to review the government IT departments.
As like the most other organizations, Govdep firstly organized the inhouse accounting system which was available with limited features. But with the implementation of SAP software, they were able to get success. The SAP software was implemented to adopt the following modules -
  • finance and accounting
  • material management
  • warehouse management
  • plant maintenance
  • project management    
How was the erp software implemented into the Govdep company  -
In the implementation team, there were two groups of employees - one was from the inhouse sourced developers and the developer section provided by SAP. The SAP team developers provided the assistance in data migration, post implementation support and future upgrades. For AI based modular development, some third party developers were freelanced. It was also decided that how the necessary elements would show to the public users.
Benefits -
  • enhancing learning in the organization
  • sharing of information among all the government units and public
  • better control on the processes
  • centralization of data and better security policies

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